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We support children, youth, women and vulnerability community to reach their full potential

What We Do

As a national association, we are proud and congratulate ourselves for the efforts already made for the well-being of children and vulnerable families in Burundi. We are therefore convinced that children need special attention, hence we say “children first”. We would therefore like to thank several national and international donors, private donors and technical partners who have already placed their trust in us. Several activities are organized for the best interests of the child. (i) Early childhood supervision through 4 community daycare centers in Buterere, Kinama, Kabezi and Rumonge – (ii) Late registration of children in civil status. More than 1000 children received birth certificate extracts for the year 2019 – (iii) Search and family reunification for children living in the street, separated children, unaccompanied children. Since 2015, we have already assisted 12,000 vulnerable children – (iv) Placement of children in voluntary foster families – (v) Creation of recreational spaces and psychosocial support for children and adolescents in need of help – (vi) Awareness of violence against children in families and in schools – (vii) Awareness of child neglect – (viii) Awareness of hygiene and infectious diseases

With the education axis, SAD focuses on quality education for all children in rural areas where most children do not have access to education. The organization has a proven track record in this area. Among the activities, we can mention : (i) Creation of basic schools for quality education for disadvantaged children (Buterere, Kabezi, Rumonge) – (ii) Vocational training for young people who have dropped out of school (plumbing, electricity, carpentry, IT, welding, baking, sewing, culinary art and table service, leatherwork, vine and cotex making ) – (iii) Capacity building of teachers – (iv) Adult literacy – (v) Opening of the center s learning languages (French, English, Kiswahili and Kirundi) – (vi) Distance school support (support in school kits, fees and school monitoring ) for underprivileged children

With this axis, our interventions focus on the economic and social empowerment of women to strengthen their economic power and decision-making as well as improving the living conditions of the family with the best interests of the child. We organize the following activities: (i) Creation and support of solidarity groups (GS) for the empowerment of women through the “ gender mainstreaming ” approach Groups are created with the aim of supporting needy families, especially children, through financial empowerment of their mothers – (ii) The women gathered in a solidarity group receive training in leadership, community life, financial education, conflict resolution as well as entrepreneurial training. The IGAs carried out individually by each member of GS are in particular the sale of fruits, vegetables, fish and small fish, cassava flour, tapioca, … The groups also carry out general activities called (common activities) including agriculture. , breeding, manufacture and sale of bricks, group mills, sewing workshops, production and sale of soaps, restaurants, manufacture of sanitary napkins for women and children, … Currently, the SAD has more than 418 GS distributed in the provinces of Bujumbura town hall, Bujumbura rural, Rumonge, Cibitoke, Rutana, Muyinga , Ruyigi, Kayanza and Makamba – (iii) Awareness on the fight against violence against women and the fight against trafficking

In the area of health, SAD believes that its interventions cannot be effective without improving the health of families. It is for this reason that the SAD organizes the activities of : (i) Awareness of family planning – (ii) Awareness of hand-room diseases – (iii) Sensitization of families and children on the diseases of the ebola virus, covid-19 – (iv) Support for medical care for vulnerable children and families.

What We Care For!

Opening of the multicultural center LA GIRAFE, a project funded by the French Embassy in Burundi
Schooling of street children and other vulnerable children of Buterere in the basic school LA GIRAFE initiated by the organization S.A.D
Supervision of children in community daycare centers in Buterere
Supervision of children in community daycare centers in Kinama
Supervision of children at the LA GIRAFE multicultural center in Buterere
Supervision of Batwa children and other vulnerable children in the MAHORO school in Kabezi initiated by the organization S.A.D


Kigobe Sud, 4 Rue Muhabo, Avenue du Cinquantenaire Bujumbura – Burundi

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